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Material Safety Data Sheets

Click on the links below to download PDF files of the MSDS sheets for each family of powders:


PDF Icon Pyrodex

PDF Icon Triple Seven

PDF Icon IMR Whitehots

Smokeless (Hodgdon)

Clays Family Powders

PDF Icon Clays (AS30N)

PDF Icon Universal (AP70N)

PDF Icon International (AS50N)

Extruded Rifle Powders

PDF Icon H4227® (AR2205)

PDF Icon H4895 (AR2206H)

PDF Icon H4198 (AR2207)

PDF Icon Varget (AR2208)

PDF Icon H4350 (AR2209)

PDF Icon H50BMG (AR2218)

PDF Icon H4831 (AR2213)

PDF Icon H4831SC (AR2213SC)

PDF Icon H1000 (AR2217)

PDF Icon Retumbo (AR2225)

PDF Icon H322 (AR2210)

PDF Icon Benchmark (BM2)

Spherical Powders

PDF Icon All Hodgdon Spherical Powders

Smokeless (IMR)

Single-Base (Names starting with IMR, SR, also PB)

PDF Icon All other Single-Base Powders - Names starting with IMR, SR, also PB

PDF Icon IMR 8208XBR (AR2210V02) (AR2210)

PDF Icon IMR4198 (AR2215)

PDF Icon IMR4227 (AR2205)

Double-Base ("Hi-Skor" powders)

PDF Icon IMR Double Base Hi-Skor 700x and 800x

Trail Boss

PDF Icon Trail Boss (AS25BP)

Smokeless (Winchester)

PDF Icon Winchester Smokeless BALL ® Powders

PDF Icon Winchester Smokeless BALL ® Powders (REACH Compliant)

Smokeless (VihtaVouri)

PDF Icon N100, N300,2N, & 3N Series

PDF Icon N500 Series

Smokeless (OEM)

PDF Icon OEM Powders

Safety Fuse

PDF Icon Safety Fuse

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